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EP54: Do You Hate Meetings? 5 Strategies to Create Meetings You’ll Love

DTD Episode 54 Show Notes

Do You Hate Meetings?
5 Strategies to Create Meetings You’ll Love

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MEETINGSCommon Meeting Frustrations

  • Meetings Starting and Ending Late
  • People Not Attending or Not Prepared
  • Feeling Like You are Wasting Time
  • Unclear Objective ~ Why Am I Here?
  • Including Unnecessary People in the Meeting
  • Dealing with Power Struggles and Undefined Roles
  • Texting/Emailing During Meetings!
  • Sidebar Conversations
  • No Follow Through / No Progress

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#1 Know the Purpose of the Meeting & What Participants Must Play

Clarify Type of Meeting

  • Information Giving
  • Information Exchanging
  • Information Creating
  • The Meeting Must have at Least 1 Goal
  • A Real Goal
  • A Meeting Must Add Value
  • Real Value
  • A Series of Meetings Must Create Progress
  • Real Progress

Before you even book the meeting ask yourself – do we really need it? Is there another way to accomplish what must be done?

Does it Really Require a Meeting?

  • Is there Another Way to Communicate?
  • Email
    • Shared Documents
      • Network, Google Docs, DropBox
  • Web Conference/Conference Call
    • Save Travel

#2 Make Sure All Key Players are Available

#3 Create an Actionable Agenda and Stick to it!

  • Utilize Action Words
  • Decide, Discuss, Review, Select, Finish, Learn,
    Design, Resolve

#4 Communicate the Purpose Ahead of Time

  • Post and Send out Agenda
  • Circulate Supporting Information
  • Make Room Arrangements
  • Arrange for Time Keeper & Recorder

#5 Follow Some Simple Meeting Rules

  • Start and End on Time
  • Focus on The Objectives
  • Stick to the Agenda
  • Create Forward Momentum
  • Assign Tasks and Document where Activities Must Happen After the Meeting
  • No Electronics
  • Listen
  • Be Respectful
  • Actively Participate
  • Don’t Interrupt Others
  • No Sidebars, Politicking, After Meeting Conversations
  • Don’t Take Things Personally
  • FOLLOW THROUGH ON YOUR COMMITMENTS! – Make sure someone is documenting –

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