EP13: Simple Process Improvement

DTD Episode 13 Show Notes
Simple Process Improvement

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Drama steals focus and zaps energy!

Most often when we think about process improvement we picture major data collection, pricey consultants, black belts and more. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Most of my clients are small and medium sized businesses, often family owned. I’ve also worked with quite a few non-profits. Rarely are they engaging in process improvement. It seems too daunting. I teach them a simple version that any organization can adopt. It adds value not just through improved efficiency.

It also, wait for it……….defeats drama!

Humans have a tendency to assign negative assumptions about others in the absence of fact.

Where you have individual team members or departments working together without really knowing each other you can end up with lots of drama around work processes.

In the absence of fact about how the processes and procedures from one department flow to the other, teams tend to create negative assumptions. They create a belief that all of the snafus are a result of poor performance and a lack of caring from the other departments. Or the often assumed, they don’t do anything over there.

This generates drama!

I am, thus, a huge proponent of implementing simple process improvement!

Engaging in some simple process improvement activities will do the following:

  • Team Members Get to Know Each Other
  • Employees Gain an Understanding of the Work Flow
  • You Get More Effective Processes
  • Encourages Resourcefulness
  • Processes are Documented

To engage in Simple Process Improvement start here:

  • Capture the Following:
    – Constant Frustration
    –Frequently Miss Deadlines
    –Tasks that Take Longer than They Should

Capture all of the above in a Word Doc or Excel Spreadsheet.

Prioritize the List

  • Start with the Biggest Bang for the Buck
  • Find an Issue that Can Be Resolved
    Easily with a Big Benefit
  • Prioritize the Rest Mixing
    Simple with More Complex
  • Experience Constant Movement

Assign Responsibilities and Deadlines

  • Driver/Owner
  • Doers
  • Deadline for All or Part of the Solution

Schedule Follow Up Meetings

  • Report Updates Quickly
  • Provide Accountability
  • Identify New Issues
  • Tweak Resolutions
  • Assign New Responsibilities
  • Create Communication
  • Celebrate

Some Simple Solutions

  • Check Lists
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Organized Contact Lists
  • FAQ’s
  • Update Forms & Remove Old Versions

For Success

  • Document All Changes
  • Communicate as Needed
  • Train Where Required
  • Hold Everyone Accountable

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