EP58: You! Do You Invest Time For You?

DTD Episode 58 Show Notes
You! Do You Invest Time For You?

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Your time is a currency.  How do you spend it?

Does the business of life take all of your time and attention?

Most, if not all of the leaders I know get caught up in the race.  I once joked with a client that he wasn’t just on a merry go round in his life, he was on a merry go round attached to a couple of hamster wheels.  He’d go around and around the merry go round getting no where only to enter the hamster wheel occasionally.  None of the momentum was really purposeful and none of the actions took him on a new course.

Your time is a currency and we all have a needs account.  It requires time and attention from ourselves or others to fill our tank.  An empty tank will almost always mean more drama as we find ourselves feeling resentful, overwhelmed, tired, burned out, unappreciated.

When is the last time you took time out for you?  When is the last time someone offered to serve you in some way and you said, “Yes!”

When have you relaxed without guilt?

Take time to notice the beauty around you.  Appreciate the people in your life. Take a bath, read a book, look up at the stars, get a massage, watch a movie, float in a pool or ride the waves in the ocean.  Hike a beautiful trail or just be.  Wherever you are just slow down to contemplate and notice all that is happening in this moment.

Life is fleeting.  Invest in the beauty of you.  You are here for a purpose.  Take a moment to enjoy the ride!

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