EP74: I Need A Defeat The Drama Strategy

DYD Episode 74 Show Notes

Defeat YOUR Drama:
I Need a Defeat the Drama Strategy for My Interview

Jane from the U.S.

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Jane (I’ve changed her name just in case):

I am being interviewed on the 6th of January for a Director position that will oversee a team that has been full of drama for the past year and a half. I have been informed that some on the team believe I am the reason for the previous directors dismissal, and that if I am to take the position, they won’t work for me.
When asked in the interview, “How will you handle or deal with the current “drama” “unstructured” situation in the area?, what is the best way for me to answer?

As always, In the Defeat Your Drama segments, I will provide solutions based on the information provided. I will obviously not have full details so will provide customized strategies based on what you share. Always consider your own specific circumstances before taking any action. These are suggestions not guarantees.

I must confess, I actually scheduled a time to speak with Jane. Her interview was coming up quickly so I knew her episode wouldn’t be out in time. More importantly, I wanted to make sure I had enough details to provide her with some great strategies to share during her interview. I will say, she was already on the right track – Great job Jane! So, we did some tweaking and got her prepped. She hasn’t gotten final word but feels like the interview went very well.

Here are the strategies we talked about that she planned to summarize and share in her own words during the interview:

#1 Know It Will Be a Journey

Unfortunately, there is no way to click your fingers and be done with the work required to transform a dramatic team into a dynamic team. Where there is drama there are people using stay stuck strategies to keep it that way. The good news is, as a leader, you have the power to do what you must to create the team that you need. It often involves some tough choices but going in knowing that you are entering a mini-marathon helps you accept what is so.

And the reality in this situation is that there are really just one or two people who are creating a lot of the drama.   They will modify their behavior to become productive members of the team or not. Now, I certainly didn’t encourage her to talk about terminating employees as part of the strategy to lay out in the interview. However, if she gets the job, she must have the mindset that it is a possibility. Some employees may continue to make poor choices. The team must win over individuals who choose to stay stuck.

During the interview the key from this point is to communicate that, as a leader, you will have the tenacity to hang tough through challenging times and are willing and able to do what is necessary to create an effective, productive, successful team.

#2 Call out the Elephant

No need to tip toe around what is fact.   Some on the team believe that you got their beloved boss terminated. Share your plan to acknowledge this fact, allow them time to communicate about it if they will. Listen, tell them you understand how they might have reached that conclusion, you are sorry that they feel that way and communicate your commitment to help them move forward and succeed. Release and allow them to feel how they feel without defensiveness. It’s not personal. They are just misinformed. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Those opinions cannot impact the quality of their work but they can have them. Share your commitment to respect each individual on the team regardless.

#3 Build Trust

Filling a leadership role well requires trust. Given the circumstance and their perspective, your team will have a hard time trusting you initially. So, priority one is building trust.   To build trust you must be trustworthy. Say what you’ll do and then follow through.   Soon they will see they can count on you. Hey, I made a rhyme!

As you have these conversations be very cognizant of what you promise. Don’t commit to anything that is out of your control or that you cannot follow through on for sure. Remember, you are in the building trust phase. You can promise to do all that you can. You can promise to follow up with others but if a decision is not yours to make you cannot commit to making it happen.

Always provide updates for where you are in the process of fulfilling what you’ve committed to. So, if it is securing a resource, how soon will they have it? If it is following up with someone to ask for a resource or information keep the team up to date on where you are in the process of speaking with that person, waiting for their answer or continuing to follow up.

#4 Create a Vision for the Future

Share what you will achieve together. Find your own passion and big why and then share from the heart. What role will each person play and what are your expectations of them? Why is each person an important part of the equation? How will communication happen? What wil the meeting schedule be? How will they be rewarded? Ask what their expectations are of you.

#5 Be a Key Resource to Help them Achieve

People want to feel successful. Let them know that your job is to help them be successful. Share that you will do all within your power to help them achieve their goals. Ask your team what they need to succeed. What has been missing? Do they need training or other resources, ready access to support from you? Ask and follow through to fulfill their needs. Be an advocate and ambassador for your team. Be a giver. Provides lots of recognition and positive reinforcement. Give them all the glory for the team’s accomplishments.

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