EP55: Are Your Fears Stopping You? 5 Keys to Moving Ahead

DTD Episode 55 Show Notes
Are Your Fears Stopping You?
5 Keys to Moving Ahead

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5_keys_to_healthy_boundaries_episodeFear has a place. Fear tells us to go into protection mode. Our physical well being is in danger!

The problem is, the way we live today that fear telling us to stop – don’t move – danger and the accompanying adrenalin rush are not usually consistent with the threat level.

Our physical safety is rarely in danger. It’s just the primal part of our brain still trying to do it’s work the old way in a new world.

And yet, our innate reaction is the same: be still, listen, be alert and take no further action!

If we listen to that innate sense in situations that are just uncomfortable we are stopping in our tracks too often.

And the truth about fear is that if you give in it will get bigger and bigger! That innate response will be triggered more easily. You will be stopping in your tracks more and more.

If you let it fear can immobilize you!

When my oldest son was young I watched as his fear of thunderstorms grew.

Some strategies to use to get real about your fears so you can move through them:

  1. What is the fear really?
  2. What’s the worst that could happen?
  3. What are the chances of that actually happening?
  4. What would the outcome be? What could you do about it if that did happen?
  5. Or – Feel that Fear and Say, “Forget it! I’m doing it anyway!”

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