EP10: Success

Defeat the Drama Episode #10 Show Notes


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successpicYou can define success in many different ways.  For me, the goal, as always, is to create a definition that generates momentum and energy.  Feeling uncertain about my ability to be successful or waffling in my perception of success would not serve me.  Comparisons only of those who have achieved more can either motivate or frustrate me.

It is important to intentionally define success in a way that creates a positive focus.  For me, feeling successful in a moment means to find the perfect blend between celebration and discontent.

Discontent comes from that “what’s next” feeling we have when there is a goal beyond our reach.  It provides the drive to keep moving forward.

Celebration provides the look back.  Yay!  I accomplished that!

Too much of either and you won’t feel successful.  Focus only on the discontent and you begin to burn out or feel frustrated.  It can invite a feeling of overwhelm.  “There’s so much left to do and I’ll never get there.”

A focus on celebration alone can leave you living in the past.  The high school athlete who continues to recap the glory years as time marches on.   Or the astronaut who says, “I’ve achieved so much!  Now what?”   A sole focus here can leave you forgetting about a future that’s there for you to design.

I choose, as much as possible, to stand firmly planted in the present with my eye on what I’ve accomplished with a clear vision of what’s to come.  Positive energy created in all directions!

What accomplishments have you failed to celebrate and what is next on the agenda for you to achieve?

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