EP32: Shift Your Mindset to Create Guilt-Free Correction Conversations

DTD Episode 32 Show Notes

Shift Your Mindset to Create
Guilt-Free Correction Conversations

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You have the right and the duty to lead. Too often leaders feel bad for their teams and choose to hide from the drama, hide from what’s going wrong rather than addressing it through good correction conversations.

Are you a leader who lets things go and then explodes?  If this is you you know that without consistent follow through and consequences nothing actually changes. Your team rides out the storm and then it’s back to business as usual.

Or, perhaps you just keep it all in and feel overwhelmed, frustrated and resentful as you try to fix and swoop in to fix. Perhaps you’ve resigned yourself to the belief that if you want it done right you have to do it yourself.

Many of the clients I’ve worked with have had fear, anxiety, heart to serve that stands in the way of holding their team accountable – Avoiding correction causes drama and you get less work done!

A couple of situations I’ve helped clients through:

  • X-ray tech let certification drop
  • Office manager in bankruptcy and possibly stealing but the owner didn’t want to put any controls in place. Didn’t want her to think he didn’t trust her.

Correction Conversations:

  • Seeks to tweak the performance of an employee
  • Catalyst to Change
  • Can be part of

–      Discipline

–      Performance Improvement

–      Performance Management

–      Or Ad Hoc

The New Mindset

  • I Want You to Be Successful
  • I Will Define What Success Is
  • I Will Communicate that Definition to You
  • You Will Have a Choice
  • I Hope You Choose Well

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