EP57: Are You A Swooper?

DTD Episode 57 Show Notes
Are You A Swooper?

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What? You haven’t heard this term before?

Well, if you were one of my perfectionists or people pleasing leader clients you probably would have heard it. I’ve used this word for years to describe the act of diving in to fix problems or potential problems or perceived problems – or, to use the excuse that there is evidence of any of these in order to justify jumping in to take over.

Over prep for the meeting because no one else will think of alternatives

Take tasks or projects back because they won’t get done right – or won’t get done at all

Overrule the creative thoughts of others because you just think of more details

Offer lots of suggestions in meetings, way more than anyone else, because no one else puts as much thought into the company as you do.

Kids – drop off their homework every day

Do their homework

One client, an owner of a multi million dollar company shared her frustration that she had to water all the plants around the front of the building and in the lobby.

“Have to?”, I asked.

“Well, if I don’t, no one else does it.”

“How do you know no one else would? You are the owner. You have a bigger problem if you’ve asked and they just aren’t doing it. Do you enjoy watering the plants?”

“No! It makes me mad!”

If you are a swooper you are thinking. I don’t like to do it but I have to because………fill in the blank –

  • customer service might suffer,
  • we might lose a contract,
  • my child my flunk his class
  • We’d waste money on a marketing campaign
  • The photo shoot wouldn’t go well.

Yep, I get it. It’s hard to stop. But the reality is, you must! You have created a scenario where others don’t need to rise to excellence. You are stepping in and filling in the gap.   You are the only solution seeker, you are the only one who preps for meetings or thinks creatively. Why? Because it’s a waste of anyone else’s time. AND, the don’t need to.

Will there be some short term consequences? Possibly. They can be minimized by coming clean and apologizing up front, letting your team or family know what you are up to.   They will know to step up their game.

And the long term benefits will outweigh any short term pain because the truth is, you don’t always have the best ideas. You need the perspectives of your team and family. They have great ideas too and a wealth of experiences, education and ideas that are currently untapped. They need to be inspired to rise to excellence and use the full capacity of their creative thought.

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