EP24: My Business Partner Moves too Slowly! What Can I Do?

DTD Episode 24 Show Notes

My Business Partner Moves too Slowly!

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Ron from Orlando

My partner and I started our business 3 ½ years ago.   The business is doing really well and I love how I get to spend my time.  However, working with my partner has become very challenging.  Whether it’s a big or small decision we move at different speeds.  I like to do a bit of research, make a decision and then move!  He wants to research and read and talk forever!  I’ve been interested in expanding the business into a new market for the last year.  I have done the research and feel like it’s a no brainer!  There’s always risk but I feel confident that we’ll be successful and am ready to move.  He, however, is still not comfortable.  We meet and meet and meet and talk and talk and talk.  I want action!   It’s starting to impact our relationship.  I know he’s just as frustrated with me.  We have a profitable business and I respect him as a person.  The time with him is becoming unbearable, though.   What can we do to make this partnership work better?

Let’s Defeat Your Drama Ron!

I’m sorry that you are feeling so frustrated!

I must start by letting you know that you are not alone.  Believe it or not, most successful partnerships experience this, what I’ll call, tug of war.   And I want to emphasize that I mean “successful.”

The truth is that you need complementary skills and personalities for a successful partnership.  So, while the differences are currently creating frustration, the good news is that together it sounds like you’ve got the right blend to achieve success.

Ron, it sounds like you are a risk taker.  You like to do a bit of due diligence, make a decision and then pull the trigger to get moving.   This is a great way to ignite flexibility in your business.  You can be nimble and react to external forces.   However, unchecked, a business owner or entrepreneur who moves too quickly can make missteps or end up focusing on too much at once.

On the flip side it sounds like your partner is risk-averse and loves the pursuit of information.  I will assume that he often gets lost in research.  Data is his best friend.  He is master of analysis and will investigate the pros the cons and everything in between before taking any action.  Analysis and some good healthy due diligence is important before making any investment or business decision.  However, left unchecked, a leader with this personality can get caught in analysis paralysis.  There is no chance to make swift maneuvers that allow you to be nimble in times of external upheaval.  No way to benefit from unanticipated business opportunities that could prove advantageous.

So, neither style is 100% optimal.  Perfection is found in the blend between the two.

So, the goal is to find the currently frustrating differences more palatable.  To achieve that I recommend the following:

  1. Appreciate:  Rather than feeling frustrated by his slow action, come from a place of appreciation.  You need him to protect you from you.  And he must do the same.  You will come up with the great ideas and push for action while he will pull back on the reigns to assure that there is good due diligence prior to making a change or investing in something new.   The differences are good so be thankful.
  1. Meet in the Middle:  Both of you must commit to live in some amount of discomfort.  He must choose to appreciate the discomfort he feels with the speed at which you’d like to move into new markets, and you with the slow pace of his data rich analysis.  If one of you is fully comfortable you are either moving too quickly or too slowly.  Agree to meet in the middle for what is probably the perfect pace.Do set some ground rules for circumstances where you each commit to allowing the other to win.  Perhaps there is a great opportunity with a tight deadline.  He must put himself in more discomfort to allow for a swifter response.  Likewise, if there is a bigger business move you might have to agree to a more grueling period of data analysis.
  1. Choose to Find Humor:  In every moment we have the power to choose our reaction.  You can choose to feel frustration or you can choose to see the humor.  Choose to appreciate and laugh at your differences rather than building resentments.   Develop some humorous words or phrases that mean “you are driving me crazy” without actually saying that.  Be playful with your differences.  Then laugh together as you relish in your success.

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