EP26: 5 Keys to Igniting Great Correction Conversations

DTD Episode 26 Show Notes
5 Keys to Igniting a Great Correction Conversation

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26picMaintain Control: You have two main objectives under this category. Maintain control of the feel of the meeting and of the topics. Keep it Calm and don’t let your meeting get high jacked. For you, deep breaths, know your intentions are good and stay focused on pulling the topics back to your agenda. Employees engaging in stay stuck strategies will use a variety of techniques to avoid the conversation you have in mind.   I always visualize an expressway with off ramps. You want to stay on the expressway and they will keep trying to veer you towards an exit. No matter what they do or say, bring it back to the topic at hand.   Use phrases like, “It’s really important that we use our time effectively here. I need to spell out some next steps for you.” Or, “we aren’t here to talk about that right now. I will make a note to look into that later. For now, we are here to talk about you.”

State Your Desire for Their Success: An employee who wishes to stay stuck will often assume that you are just out to get them when you initiate a correction conversation of any kind. Help to put them at ease. You might not be successful but at least give it a try. Assure them that you are on their side. You want them to be successful.   You are hoping that they hear your message today. You will outline a plan to help them be successful. You hope that they hear you today, take the appropriate action and achieve.

Define Success: As a leader, you get to define what actions and behaviors create success in your business. Often employees desire to define success themselves. They want to design their day, show up when it’s convenient, work or not as they’d like, all while maintaining their job. Don’t let that happen. Be firm and let the employee know exactly what is required to be successful in their job. Outline where they are falling short.

Lay out a Plan: Come with a plan prepared. What is the definition of success. Where is the employee falling short and what must they do to achieve success. Outline the exact path they can take to achieve success.   If it’s an attitude they can choose to shift that immediately. If it’s aptitude, then outline the process they will go through to gain the necessary skills. Is it a class or should the shadow a fellow employee? Are there some practice sessions to do online or is it just a matter of reviewing the documentation in your procedures manual?

Document the plan ahead of time and bring it to the meeting to share in detail. Provide them with a copy and ask if they have questions. Offer your support and assure them that you are there if they have questions. Then release the action to them.

Let Go! Your employees have free will and so do you. If you give them the opportunity to be successful and they utilize their free will to make the right choice – GREAT! If they don’t, you have free will too. Do what’s right for your business, yourself and your customers.

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