EP6: Leadership Lessons

Defeat the Drama Episode #6 Show Notes

Leadership Lessons

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A few years ago we took a family trip to Kalahari, a large indoor waterpark that boasts one of the world’s largest lazy rivers.  My 9 year old son decided to create a unique lazy river experience.  The formula he used successfully can be used in your business.

  1. Vision:  He had a specific vision for the outcome we would take during our lazy river experience.  The specific objectives; go as fast as possible and hit every waterfall.

  2. Passion:  He was fired up!.  He could not wait to gather us and get to the start of the Lazy River to live out his vision.

  3. Engage:   He shared his vision enthusiastically with us.  We were about to embark on a mission!  His passion was contagious.  He created a sense of anticipation as he shared the details of his vision and the fun we would have.  We couldn’t wait to get into action.

  4. Resources and Roles:  He outlined the resources that we would need and helped each of us commandeer the required float.  He also spelled out the specific position each of us would hold and the role we would play in steering or providing momentum.

  5. Action:  He spelled out the plan, gather the necessary resources and we were off!  He was at the front of the pack.  We all held tight and paddled hard.

  6. Celebration:  We celebrated before, during and after with squeals and lots of laughter.   We hit every waterfall, got drenched and had a ball.  Great family memories were born!

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