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EP100: Celebrate Milestones

DTD Episode 100 Show Notes
Celebrating Milestones

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So, today I am recording episode 100! And, while there’s really actually nothing too magical about that number it feels like a milestone. And, I will choose to define it that way. ……because I can – and because it’s important to designate some milestones along any lengthy journey.

It’s a number I only recently set my sights on.

When I started the podcast I really just focused on the flow and creating some structure around prioritizing it into my week.

As the episode number got closer to 100, however, I began setting my sights. It is an achievement! I took many individual actions that led me to this target and today I will celebrate and feel proud of my achievement!

It’s so important to define milestones, goals on the way to the big prize. It’s a way to keep momentum and motivation going.

To mark this milestone I would love to hear from you!

What milestone have you achieved? Or is there a goal you are closing in on?

Go to DefeattheDrama.com and send me a note so that I can celebrate with you!

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