Defeat the Drama, Delight Your Customers & Improve Your Bottom Line Bootcamp

A Surefire 7 Step System to Get your Team Doing what you Need, Loving what they Do & Directing Focus where it Should Be

You Will Learn To:

1. Gain Clarity about what you sell, how it should feel and why do you do what you do?
2. Generate Actions Aligned with Business Objectives
3. Empower Your Team to take Targeted Action with Tenacity
4. Identify and Remove Barriers to Team Productivity
5. Drive Focused Employee Correction Conversations
6. Hire Well
7. Establish Harmony and Productivity


fist busting through

Bust the 4 D’s of Discipline Avoidance!

Regain Your Power and Transform Your Team!

• Are employee issues and team drama wreaking havoc in your business?
• Do you avoid correction conversations because you fear a negative reaction?
• What behaviors and attitudes are you tolerating that you should not?
• How often are you fixing customer complaints that result from negative employee attitudes or poor performance?



For more than 20 years Kirsten has worked with passionate leaders in privately held companies, family businesses and non-profits. Her insightful approach has helped them find their fuel, ignite their teams, speak with tenacity and become empowered in their lives and work.

Coaching Options:

Individual Leadership Coaching:

Gain Self-Awareness.  Learn who you are as a leader.  Customized and highly-targeted action creates the necessary change to transform you into a powerful leader.  Individual Coaching can be held in person at my office in Warren, MI, at your location for multiple back to back sessions, or via phone.

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Family Business Coaching:

We specialize in helping leaders maneuver the unique dynamics present in family businesses. Whether it’s traversing the difficulty of challenging family dynamics or creating a smooth transition to the next generation we’ve got the expertise to help.

Communication Coaching:

Experience a sense of calm and clarity during difficult conversations. These conversations are ideal for instances where there is a breakdown in communication. Participants gain self-awareness about who they are in communication and create change where required. Targeted outcomes for these conversations are:

1. Better understanding of the issues
2. Commitments to each other for the future
3. Increased skill in true listening and speaking
4. Improved respect & understanding

Culture Correction:

The process begins with a Cultural Assessment that includes a representative survey of employees. Aggregate data will then be used to create a Report of Findings that includes a list of identified issues with specific actions prescribed to correct each one. We will create a comprehensive, customized plan based on your unique situation.

Group Coaching:

For groups of up to 8 individuals who have similar barriers or who are working towards related outcomes.  Group coaching can help improve individuals but will also benefit a team.  Each participant learns from the others as they experience success.  Individual members hold each other accountable for weekly action steps.  Group Coaching sessions can be held at my office in Royal Oak, MI or your location.

Team Building:

Similar to group coaching, team building focuses more specifically on working effectively together and will dramatically improve the culture of your organization.  Members learn to respect each other, improve communication, create better processes, decrease workplace drama and commit to working from positive assumptions about each other.

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Professional Woman’s Coaching Circle:

Move from Resigned, Resentful and Overwhelmed
to Focused, Engaged and Empowered

Take Control and Get Real Results with Engaging Topics Including:

• Defeating the Drama • Finding Your Fuel • Living Your Vision
• Mastering Difficult Situations • Clarifying Conversations • Leading with Integrity
• Catapult Your Confidence • Busting Bad Habits • Making Empowered Decisions
• Risk Taking Reality Check • Focus to Fuel Results • Overcoming Obstacles

• Receive Coaching and Encouragement from Kirsten
• Share and Connect with Other Like-Minded Women
• Enjoy an Encouraging, Respectful, Safe Environment
• Multiple Monthly Sessions Beginning September, 2014

Kirsten E. Ross is CEO of Focus Forward Coaching, LLC, a leading coaching and culture correction firm, and has been in the field for more than 20 years. She is the author of the leadership books “Defeat the Drama!” and “From People Problems to Productivity” and has been featured as an expert for media such as: NBC Nightly News, Fox 2 News, National Public Radio and for publications such as Entrepreneur, Working Mother and Crains New York.

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